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My objective is to feed the bass from either my TV or Squeezebox Boom. I do not have a dedicated AV amplifier, so I need to find a way to be able to directly feed the bass to the subwoofer. (Yes, buying a home theater AMP would easily solve this problem, along with others, but I have space limitation as well as two little children who will wreak havoc with sophisticated gadgets.)

1. Is there an entry-level subwoofer that has a dual input? I can't seem to find any.

2. If there is no subwoofer with multiple input, is using a Y-splitter to feed the bass from both the TV and Squeezebox Boom a good idea? It's unlikely that I will turn on both the TV and the Squeezebox Boom voluntarily, but I have two kids who might easily do that. If that should happen, will that damage the subwoofer?

3. I'd also welcome any suggestion to solve this issue.

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