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I picked up the Energy Take Classic 5.1 and pioneer VSX-1029 to use on my pc for gaming and music. Eventually wanting to add a TV into the mix.

Everything sounds awesome, but unfortunately I can only get 1 monitor at a time to work and the receiver. Wondering if someone can help point out what my options are to get this all working at once.

I read that the DVI port and HDMI share the same connection, so that I should get a displayport adapter. So I bought one, but now the displayport adapter is only doing 60hz (not sure if this is because it's a passive adapter rather than active?), when I need 144hz for my BENQ primary monitor... AND I still can't activate all 3 devices anyways.

Any suggestions?

- 1 monitor - 144hz
- 2nd monitor
- receiver
eventually receiver will be output to a TV, so can't use the receiver out for a monitor.

From my understanding toslink will cripple the output, so that is out. Hoping I don't need an additional video card or something like that.
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