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i have a dell 2005fpw and a dell s2209w

all i've been doing is playing with the colours on the s2209w to match the 2005fpw and i cant seem to

the 2005fpw is a s-ips panel and the s2209w is a tn panel, so i'm wondering if it's even possible to calibrate it to have matching colours

the s2209w seems to be a brighter monitor even on the lowest brightness settings

note: i tried to have the same rgb number hoping since it's both from dell that they would reproduce the same colours but it doesnt

secondary question;

the s2209w has 'bad' vertical viewing angles, i cant view the monitor looking up, my viewing has to be looking from top down or the blacks would start to invert

now, i made it better by setting the contrast to 0, but is there any way to make it more pleasant

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Noway you can really do this.

The biggest problem will be the color shift in the TN panel.

You can probably get white the same on both panels.

You need a probe so you can get both monitors white to D65. The colors will be impossible because the color of red/blue/green will be different on each monitor beyond what calibration software/hardware LUT can do for you without destroying your color gammut entirely.

If you want matching monitors, even if you buy the same two monitors, you'll still need to calibrate them to make them actually match.

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Some stuff I've done for some software game companies for color matching lcd monitors.

you take the two sides of the displays that are side to side and you calibrate the sides of the monitors.

This makes for a more seemless transition between monitors.

LCD monitors are notorious for non-uniformity.

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