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Does anyone know of brands that make dual RF input sets these days. I saw a old Samsung LNT2632HX at a local wally world that had it, but its a display unit and they want way to much for a 2 year old model.

Its for a basement bar and a workout room (need 2) and I want the dual RF so I can run a modulated signal the central cable box into the sets as well as the analog/QAM cable signal at the same time (so I can just switch inputs on the TV to switch between the 2).

I also found a 2 year old sony model that had 2 RF. I can't believe both of these sets aren't available ANYWHERE that I can find. I figured a liquidation or even Ebay would have something.

Any leads would be appreciated. of course, of you have suggestions of other ways to go with hookup I will take that too. I guess I could always use baluns or something to get the component output from the cable box to the tvs?


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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