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Dual Seating Options

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In my gameroom I have a pool table on one side and hopefully a sitting area/tv viewing area on the other side in the near future. The room is about 17' long and about 35' wide. A rectangle type shape.

Does anyone know if there are any sectionals or sofas that offer dual seating which would allow someone to sit on either side? So one person would sit facing one direction and another person could sit facing the opposite direction and they would share the same cushion back rest.
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I would have to think most people would just get two couches (or sectionals) and put them back-to-back in this situation. No?

Sure...if you have the room space and money to do that. I would like to use a small sectional in the tv viewing area but adding a second sectional isn't feasible because it would impeed the pool table playing area.

I know there are bench type seats out there that allow you to sit in either direction but I'm looking for something more comfortable.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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