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I just upgraded my HTPC to:

Shuttle SN37P2

Core 2 Duo 2.2Ghz

nVidia (MSI) 7900GT w/ Dual DVI and Component vid out


I have a Samsung HLP6163W DLP TV and a Sony 42" Plasma in the house. I have my nVideo drivers in "Clone" mode and set to 1280x720 which looks just fine as far as the desktop/etc are concerned (by the way is this a good res to be running for my setup?)

I want to use BOTH of these at once - the problem I'm having is that video (whether its an avi/mpg or a DVD) ONLY plays on the primary monitor.. so I have to disable overlay to see video on both screens.. but when I do this (disable overlay), I get this flickering horizontal line about 1/3rd of the way down the image when fast motion occurs in a video (mpg/avi video files AND DVD video).

I was using the 93.71 drivers... then went down to 84.21 based on some posts I've read here, which hasn't helped.

Perhaps there is a way to configure FFD show to fix this? Any ideas? Thanks in advance =)

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