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ductwork in the way - or is it?

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This is probably a crazy question, but here goes anyway.

Here's the short question: is it possible and/or advisable to attach a speaker mount to a drywall-covered air duct?

I'm shopping for small satellites as surrounds to complete a 7:1 system in our finished basement. The best place to mount one of the sats would be on a bit of "wall" that is actually drywall covering a large A/C duct. I figured that spot was out, but now I'm wondering if it would be possible to mount a small, lightweight speaker there. The speaker wires would run through a drop-ceiling, not through the duct. I'd use the most secure drywall-only means to attach the mount, and I figure I can seal it somehow against any air leakage. These are large, securely-attached ducts.

I'm thinking sats in the 2 lb each range. Possible? Dangerous? Negative sound results? Thanks.
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I'm assuming that you mean this is a cold air return. That's no issue to mount there. Keep in mind you can't run your wire through there (against code) but can certainly mount to that dry wall.
Actually, it's not a cold air return. It's a main HVAC duct that runs along the basement ceiling perpendicular to the ceiling studs (and therefore it hangs below the studs). It's covered with drywall (not sure if there's anything else underneath there). I realize this isn't ideal, but for a lot of reasons I don't have many other options.

The wires would not run through the duct. They'd be above a drop ceiling, and then down a few inches to the back of the speakers which I'd hang on the drywall. I assume I'd have to drill through the drywall into the duct, and then secure the mount with some kind of Molly or something - and add some caulk or rubber gasket/washer to seal against any air leakage. I can't think of any code/safety issues - seems pretty inert.

I'm resigned to getting a very small, lightweight satellite. This is a surround, so I'll have to live with the lack of low end.

Thanks for the input!
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