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Dukane ImagePro 9115

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Does anyone know anything about this LCOS projector (Dukane ImagePro 9115), to be released in November? Seems to have great specs, with SXGA 1365 x 1024, 1500 lumens, DVI, multiple RGB inputs, component inputs, 600:1 contrast, 32 db (in quiet mode), 2000 hrs bulb life, PIP, 5 yr warranty. They also advertise "motion adaptive progressive scan," which they claim is better than normal scalers or line doublers. I've seen a street price of $8k at Ritz AV (specs are available at http://www.ritzav.com/pdf/9115.pdf ).

Is LCOS a better technology than standard LCD? What is Dukane's reputation as a manufacturer?

Still more than I can spend, but hopefully this means other projectors will keep getting cheaper.
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It appears this may be at least a partial copy of the JVC 3010z which uses a UHP lamp instead of Xenon lamp. From what I have read from a number of other posts the Xenon lamp is part of the reason for the great color rendition of the DILA.


It looks like the new (upcoming) Hitachi and Christie Digital LCOS projectors.

After a few years with a big gaping hole in the LCOS line-up (with only JVC and clones coming to market), this is excellent news!

I think that LCOS could be the digital home theater projector technology, but there just haven't been many offerings. It's nice to see three different manufacturers joining the party in the next month or so.
WOW...The stats on this look great!! I can't imagine this has anything to do with the 3010z/DS1 though. The 3010z has a single PBS light system, and if JVC couldn't get more than 150:1 contrast out of it, I can't imagine Dukane getting 600:1. Also the JVC never had DVI.

If this is as good as it sounds this may be my next projector. 800x600 on my LP340 is starting to get old.

The spec sheet actually says "UHB" lamp rather than "UHP". Is that a typo or can someone tell me what a "UHB" lamp type is ?

The manual zoom is a negative, but other than that it certainly sounds impressive !
BGarcia says that the Dukane 9115 is a partial copy of a JVC 3010z. The JVC unit is out of production and it is a d-ILA projector and the Dukane is a LCOS projector. If anything the Dukane is a copy of the Hitachi SX5500W LCOS unit.

Are LCOS and d-ILA projectors the same? Do LCOS projectors have the same temperature and noise issues as the d-ILAs?
D-ILA is a brand-name of LCOS..as

Q-TIP is a brand-name of cotton-swabs and

KLEENEX is a brand-name of facial tissues and

ESCALATOR is a brand-name of moving staircases.

It's sometimes easier to use the "brand-name" than the product category (everyone calls a moving staircase an "ESCALATOR", even if it's made by another company), but soon there will be other LCOS projectors (from Christie Digital, Hitachi, Dukane) and the brand name "D-ILA" won't really apply to them.

In fact, once these projectors are actually shipping, this forum really needs to be renamed to "DLP, LCD, LCOS Projectors". D-ILA is a brand-name owned by JVC.

But then again, DLP is a brand-name owned by Texas Instruments. Maybe we should use the "generic" category there, too! And the forum would become:

The "DMD, LCD, LCOS Projectors" forum.

Which are the product categories and not the brand-names.
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Thank you Milori for the explanation. I now recall hearing that before, however it is obvious that I did not pay too much attention.

In any event, this is an exciting time to be considering buying a projector. If the Hitachi or the Dukane are in the $6000 or $7000 range, they could give the Sharp 9000 a run for its money. Everything I have heard about the LCOS is that they are the closest thing to CRTs there is. The drawbacks being noise, heat, and the fact that one has to send them back to the factory for calibration at a substantial cost. If these new models show any improvement in all those areas they will be tough to beat.

I recall reviews from attendants to Infocomm and CEDIA not being very impressed with the Hitachi display. I guess we need to wait until they come out with real production models, in which the display is tweaked, in order to make a considered opinion.
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Sounds like a clone of the Hitachi LCOS CP-SX5500W. All specs are exact duplicate of the Hitachi. Even the list price is the same. The Hitachi does use an UHP lamp. I've been waiting for a review of the Hitachi for close to two months now, nothing much so far. Finally, about 2 weeks ago, a dealer here told me I might get to demo one some time in Nov. I'm anxiously waiting for it.
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