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Dumb Thing I Did

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Several years ago I bought a Barco 1208 CRT projector from ***, when Phil Tuttobene was in the business of selling used Barcos. To put it bluntly - I totally jumped the gun in buying this projector. I intended it to go in my wonderfully large and open attic after I remodeled it - which I never did and, it looks like, I never will (very likely I will move before I am able to do it). I should have waited until I actually did the remodeling, but, you know, I got excited. Of the two other rooms I could have placed it, one is too small (11' x 15') (is this too small?) although I would have total light control and the other was ok in size (15' x 20' with 9' ceilings) but light control is very iffy, given the other members of my family (if I were alone, yeah, I could have made it work).

I should have sold it when I came to the above realization. But I didn't because I was always hoping. Eventually, I simply placed it in its traveling case and wheeled it into a small back room, where it's been sitting for 3 years or so.

I know I should have taken it out and plugged it in once in a while, just to keep those large capacitors in the power supply fresh. I failed. To do this would have been a major project, simply due to the nature of my home and so I kept putting it off and putting it off until I just forgot about it.

Now I want to get it up and running and maybe use it somewhere else or get rid of it (I am well aware of the big drop in value of used CRT projectors). This thing was operating fine when I stored it. Phil said it had all new tubes also. What could I expect if I simply plugged it in? Would I be taking a risk? Would it even power up? Would it be better if I had a professional look at it (I wouldn't have a clue who this would be so this is probably out)? Can the power supply capacitors be simply replaced or is too tricky for this amateur whose total electronic experience amounts to building Heathkit's in his youth?

Or what? Any advice is greatly appreciated.
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If the unit was as you say when it was put away you should have no real issues. I would have someone qualified take the lid off and blow out the dust and perhaps clean the contacts on the boards. Re flow the solder joints on the power supply transformers and you should be good to go. One thing I would document is the condition of the tubes before you fire it up though. Closely check to make sure they are free from wear or types of burn.

My Ampro spent a few years on a storage garage floor, through several years of thermal cycling (from probably 100+ degrees F in the summer, to below freezing in the winter).

It was only in the storage garage because it had been pronounced dead before, but other than fixing that problem, we didn't have any other problems when it powered back up.

- David
I would definitely go with the 11' x 15' room. You could fit up to about a 10' wide screen in there with no problems on the long axis (geometry permitting), especially with total light control.


THe 1208's did not really suffer from the bad solder joints like the older Barcos did.

PLug it in and let it rip!.

What could I expect if I simply plugged it in?
For it to power up as normal.

The only reason it would not is if it were damaged when you were moving it around.

The small back room you stored it in, is it a storage room or part of the main house, I ask in case it gets cold / warm or damp in there etc. When bringing electronics out of storage it's always a good idea to let them sit for a couple of days in a normally heated / cooled room to get rid of any condensation that may have formed while in storage.

- Rick
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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