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dune media player upgrade thoughts

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Hi And thanks for reading this thread.

I have been using a dune smart D1 streamer for a few years.
I use the hdmi out connected to a screen for the picture, and i use the stereo analogue outs for the audio.
Surprisingly the audio quality is very good.

I have a htpc with an asus stx II soundcard and the dune's analogue outs are not far behind in sound quality, especially considering the stxII is a top end card.
For the audio the dune ases an AKM4429et dac, i can see a ax117 ldo regulator near it and also a few other ics that i can't identify rt19018a, el-eb 62p, jz9 83-13.

If i wanted to upgrade the audio to surround sound and keep the good video quality, with the same arrangement ( hdmi for picture and analogue outs for audio ) which streamer would you recommend.

The zidoo x20 pro at £600 seems good but only has stereo analogues.
Is there anything you have used or heard anything about.


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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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