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I am a current Duo owner, and have a couple of questions for a new BR player I am getting:

1) It will be an Oppo 93, which has a source direct feature. If I remember correctly, the Duo converts everything input to it into ycbcr 4:2:2, and source direct from the 93 should be 4:2:2, so there should be little conversion there, if any. Correct?

2) My Duo is currently set on auto for color space, and it outputs 4:4:4 36 bit to my Panasonic plasma. Should I change from auto to 4:2:2?

3) With regards to #2, my Duo was professionally calibrated, along with my display, and will changing from 4:4:4 to 4:2:2 negatively effect these calibrated settings that were done with the Duo in 4:4:4

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