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Dust blobs on JVC DLA X500

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Hey folks

I just bought a used JVC DLA X500 on which I found a blurred blob in the left upper area at dark scenes.

If I play around with the focus, I can focus the blob at 2 points - above and below focus point of the lcd chips. Now I'm a bit confused where to look for the "foreign body". The fact that I can focus it twice confuses me the most. Wouldn't that mean that is is inside the lens?


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After teardown I guess it's the green polarisation lens which causes the Blob. I've had her out of the light chamber but couldn't get rid of a very little spot that looks like to be a damage on the vaporized filter level.

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If you can find an old defective X3 -X30 for cheap 50-100$ you can use it for spare parts.
If you can find an old defective X3 -X30 for cheap 50-100$ you can use it for spare parts.
Thanks Ed, appreciate that info. So both, x3 and 30 use the same optics or complete light engine?

But here in Europe those are hard to find. Just used ones for about 500. I already thought about buying a used X3 in white Body... So I get 2 benefits. And a V2 ballast board. But I'm yet thinking about what to do. Guess I'll just throw it up the ceiling and use it until I find a defective one to get spares.
To clear things up, the dust particle was located on a protection glass directly above the panel 😉
Naaah... In fact I destroyed the green module by holding the air spray can upside down, forgetting about the fact that the air will then flush out as liquid... 🙄 It was this moment that I knew, I fu... up 😜 But i got another x500 with damaged hdmi board and could this way make 1 out of 2 working by combining working parts. On the bright side, it's now much less noisy than my original x500. I didn't know that the 4k shifting module loudness is spreading that much. I thought maybe nuances, but I truly can't even hear this one's working at all. In summary it now is a very good unit with superb sharpness and convergence which I yet paid less than typical market price for. Even including a new Lamp
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