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4065 Hours on my Epson 5010 projector.

Recently, 5 or 6 dust blobs show up on the LCD panel during scene changes or in very dark scenes. When almost black, many more blobs can be seen.

The blobs are mostly gray and about 2 inches round on a 100 inch screen, possible hint of green. Near in focus with limit focus setting and picture far out of focus.

Sanyo had a 'port' for dust removal.

Epson advises a trip to a professional repair company.

The 5010 is a great projector. My replacement lamp (from China) is about as bright as the original with 4065 hours on it (did not fail).

I would like it to be perfect until the 4K and/or LED lamp replaces the 5010.

My Question: Has anyone had good results either brushing or blowing at the LCD panels? Full advisory needed if this is a practical approach.

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