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Hello everyone that are reading this

I have some questions regarding the DV Input

Firstly the cam corder: HMX-H106SP Samsung

and the dvd recorder: Philips DVDR3400

Now I have read the manual and this one things that says this:
Helpful Hints:

- The DV IN jack does not support a connection to a Personal Computer.

- It is not possible to record from the recorder to your camcorder via the DV IN jack on your recorder.

Is it really not possible impossible or is there a way to bypass this, are there any other dvd recorders in which would it be a possible?

What I wanted to accomplish was like I have been saying into another threads to record ps3 gameplay, would this let me do it and then the recordings would be kept into the camcorder itself, and which format can it go up the most?

Here is the website of the manual but if there are products that can do the same trick of recording what hes being seen on the recorder directly to the camcorder please let me know!

Also would it need to bethem attached to the input or the output is enough? the cables?

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