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I have the Pyro OHCI firewire card also

known as the ADS technologies card based

on the popular TI TSB12LV23 chip. I also have

a NTSC Sony TRV900 camcorder.

I'm using Windows 98SE and have a fast

PIII and IDE hard drive.

Here's what I'm looking for:

Software that will allow me to record from

camcorder playback to my hard drive the

entire data stream from the camcorder

intact without any modification or demuxing.

This means that all the headers, subcodes,

even the H0 header is intact when recorded

to a hard drive file or files. Handling of long

tape segments requiring more than one file

in a single burst is desirable though not

mandatory. This may be considered a

recording that has video and audio multiplexed,

that is not seperated, but is more since it also

needs ALL the data intact, not just the audio

and video. I mean that I want the subcodes

and H0 header packets too.

A NTSC DV camcorder sends 250 packtets

of 480 bytes to the PC for every frame. This

is about 7492.5 packets per second. Actually

it sends a bit more than 480 bytes including

timestamps and other headers.

I'd like to get at least 480 bytes x 7492.5 packets

recorded on my hard drive every second from

the camcorder. If more than 480 bytes per packet

are recorded to the hard drive, I'll take them.

Is any software recording an exact image of the

firewire packet contents without filtering or demuxing?


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As this has nothing to do with HDTV, I'm closing the thread, but will leave it here for others to read.
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