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I haven't seen anything about this, so 1st step, post a question here. This may be a java thing, I don't know.

Now that I've upgraded to a 200GB HD and have lots of space, the wife has been filling up the guide with movies to watch. Consequently, the guide listing in DVR explorer is very long now, and needs a scrollbar. When I select any of the shows near the bottom of the display, and right-click them for options, the menu drops off the bottom of the screen. I can't get to any of the options that fall off the bottom.

I've got a Windows XP Pro system (w/ SP1), dual monitor, (Second monitor is to the left of the main desktop, not below,) with a Nvida GeForce 3 Ti 500 graphics card, 1600x1200 desktop. Java SE v1.4.0_03.

Hope that helps.

Also I have a feature req. It may be moot when V2.1 comes out, but it'd be nice when the clocks are off-sync, instead of DVA just giving an error for downloads, (That's strange?) it could try to adjust the clock offset a few times before giving up on the transfer.

Great program, reason I got a RPTV in the 1st place, love using it. Thanks!

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