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I have created a version of DVArchive 3.2 for OS X, modified to be a Universal app.

On my Snow Leopard machine it runs as 64-bit Intel. It should work on Lion now, as well as PPC.

It might no longer work on OS X prior to Leopard now. I might be able to fix that if it is a concern.

The actual DVArchive Java app is not changed. The only thing I touched is the OS X launcher.

The forum says it is too big to upload. I would like to post a working URL, but the Forum is censoring it! So please remove the space in b it.ly:
http://b it.ly/DVA_OSX_U

I made four changes:
  1. Recompiled the script as a Universal application.
  2. Changed the password prompt dialog box to hide the password characters.
  3. Corrected a bug (introduced in Leopard?) that was preventing the password pre-check validation from actually working.
  4. New algorithm for encrypting the password.

Let me know how it works.
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