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Dvarchive new release soon maybe???

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Hello Gerry,

Will we see the next new release of dvarchive soon?

You have thrown tidbits around from time to time. Dvarchive

is the only good piece of third party software I have seen

in a long time.

In parting, I would love to see a set remote record feature.

This way I can at least can get a feature that is only available.

On the newer models. "Recording conflicts sent to other RTV's"

I have 2 45xx models. I would love to be able to remote program

them from the PC. It gets to be a real hassle to turn on and program

the other RTV.

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Sorry, no set timeline yet. I'll announce when it goes to beta (which will imply a somewhat more likely release date).

Note: most coding is complete. There are just a few serious bugs (some holdovers from 2.1) that need to be fixed before I go to beta. But I would caution you from reading too much into that (timewise)
Is one of the bugs that you consider serious the one where if you try to watch two shows from DVArchive in a row (without playing a few seconds of a show from another replay) the replay crashes/reboots?

I know you're adding features and working hard as your time allows. If that one bug was the only thing fixed, I'd be a happy camper.

Your program is simply incredible! Thanks Gerry, keep up the great work!!
That is one problem, though it may not be fixable. Some of what I've seen so far points to a difference in the low level TCP/IP stack that the ReplayTVs do one way and everything else does another. If that proves to be the case, the problem is in the ReplayTV and is a "bug" in their TCP/IP stack - it would be difficult/not-possible to work around that.
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