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I recently acquired a Vision Plus 1020 satellite DVB pci card

with the intention of getting direct digital satellite video onto my htpc.

My point was getting digital signal and staying digital all the way!

so no convertion loss, no more stupid noise everywhere

( minimal noise now )

I learned by reading on a few forums such as :


you can use those cards with specific programs to get and watch satellite video feeds. Adding some special plugins you can also decrypt almost all encryted channels.

The big interest i then had in this is that HDTV can also be acquired from the use of those cards, requiring lots of cpu and bandwidth, but it is attainable goal.Seems like a lot of users from this forum were able to get HDTV channels. ( i am still not even able to get encrypted channels...so no HDTV for me yet :( )

the only problem that i found then is that, the programs use DSHOW but they all use really poor quality video deinterlacers ..

this arrised a problem for me since the point in getting digital signals was getting the max PQ possible... but it for now ( on FTA channels)

look worse than using dscaler and my Osprey 100 Svideo in from a 2700 dish receiver :(

I was wondering if anyone in here has had some experiences with those softwares ( i tried progdvb,winstb ... )

with channel deincryption, hdtv display, deinterlacing methods?

i wonder if any programs from the DVB style permits the use of ffdshow!

neway..any experience at all will be greatly appriceiated :)

( also if you have experiecen with Yanske and Fenrir plugins .. )
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