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dvb318 component gives white artifact on top center of screen

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I know a lot of people here have the dvb318, but after some searching I couldn't find any reference to the following problem.

I have aHitachi 51s715 CRT RPTV and use the DVB318 over component. For some reason, when watching DVDs, I get a strange white artifact in the middle of the upper edge of the screen. It is not so bright and glowing that I would call it blooming, but it is definitely a white light that distracts in dark scenes (it gets washed out in brighter screens even though it is on the black letterbox). I don't think it is the TV, since this doesn't occur when I am watching a letterboxed film over cable, only when watching letterboxed DVDs over the DVB318. Has anyone else seen this? I didn't notice it when I used the DVB318 over DVI either.

Thanks for any input as to what this could be and how to fix it.
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Use a "pixel cropping" or "overscan" test image from a calibration DVD like Avia. It is possible that the vertical height or vertical centering of the image from the DVD player is off so that you are seeing noise above the actual image frame.

Thanks, I'll try that. I have DVE and I didn't notice a problem with overscan before, but I'll check again. I'll try to figure out if there is a way to adjust the output of the DVB318 "up" a bit. I would rather tweak the vertical height on the DVD player if possible instead of the tv, since I only notice the problem on DVDs.

Time to find that manual.

Thanks for the help Bob.
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