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DVD Audio

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Hi all!

I have some questions about DVD Audio that I hope someone can answer.

What is the default encoding method for multichannel sound on DVD-A? I am under the impression that it can be DTS, DTS 6.1, DD or MLP lossless compression(?).

If the last encoding method is actually "the standard" (is it?) for DVD-A, then I am assuming that we will be seeing some new EXTERNAL(?)decoders in the next generation of products. That is, if the digital signal is actually output from the DVD-A.

Which brings me to my next question. What type of digital output does the DVD-A standard define?

I'm very confused about this "standard", so if you can provide someadditional information, links to sites etc., it would be appreciated.

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Thanks for the link. I have been there befroe, but they don't answer the questions I have. If you come across any other resources, I would be greteful if you could post them here.


Originally posted by Cliff Watson:
Try www.disctronics.co.uk/dvd/dvdaudio/dvdaudspec.htm

Best Regards, Cliff
I'm not familiar with that specific player, but as far as I know, the DVD-A discs will not play in existing CD or DVD players.

Originally posted by Paul Bui:

Will DVD players such as Pioneer DVD-525 play DVD-Audio discs?


Thanks for the links. I have visited all of them, and this is what I take away from it. Please correct me if I am wrong.

The digital output for DVD-A appears to be PCM encoded with MLP. This means that the physical connector for the digital out will be the current Toslink or Coaxial connectors currently available.

To EXTERNALLY decode any digital signal from DVD-A, you will need a decoder capable of decoing MLP.

The PCM signal, from DVD-A, will carry MPEG2 OR DTS OR DD that have all been encoded with MLP.

Isn't encoding a DD or DTS signal with MLP redundant? I say this because I think that the encoding process of the mentioned formats include decoding.



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