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I bought an Acer desktop in March of last year, running MCE 2005. It didn't have a TV tuner, so a few days ago I bought a Hauppauge WinTV-HVR 1600 and installed it. Install kept failing, but a BIOS update on Saturday finally got it working. Just installed the base drivers, none of the other software from Hauppauge.

Recorded an episode of CSI from SpikeTV, tried to burn it to DVD. Kept getting "file is not in proper format" messages. Poked around here and other places, and found out some MCE installs don't include the software needed to convert the .dvr-ms format to MPEG-2. Looked at the software from Hauppauge again and found Ulead DVD MovieFactory. Once I installed that, the rest of the steps in MCE for DVD creation started working, right up to the point where the burning is to start. Then I get a "Create Failure" message, and the PC ejects the DVD disk.

Have tried both DVD+R and DVD-R disks to no avail. Help!

John, Detroit
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