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DVD Drives IDE or SCSI

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I am getting ready to build the mother of all machines (Dual Xeon 1.7Ghz...). now I would like to hear some opinions about using and SCSI DVD vs an IDE. I am leaning towards the Pioneer DVD 305s (scsi) 106s(ide). or the the most important thing to me is VERY smooth playback, I am using this system as a demo for clients who are considering using my video production services including play pack of content created on Pioneer's DVD recorder. Quite and region free are secondary in that order. It seems that with Pioneer's new utility that I have heard about that this is no longer an issue at least on the 106s. And last but definitely least, I like the slot loader ( although it would be the first to go).

So my question is the pioneer the best choice for my application, and is there any pros/cons to going SCSI over IDE?

What about Toshiba of Panasonic?

Also any hints on where to find at a good price


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I use SCSI devices primarily becaue you can hook up 15 devices into a machine as opposed to 4 with IDE. I think smooth playback is more of an issue of the drives speed and your CPU/BUS speed.

SCSI goes up to 160 B/s for hard drives only right now. I don't think you will come close to that with a CD or DVD drive.

Steve is right. The main point of scsi is that you can put 15 devices on one scsi bus. 16 really but the card takes one up. Also depending if you do post production. I seen clients take there own disks in. So then you can have an external scsi drive cage for you to plug the drives into to start working on the file that needs to be edited. AVID is the name usually that I seen associated with postproduction computer gear. Them and Intergraph so you might want to take a look at both of those companies for the drive cage.
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