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DVD Drives - {Tray/Slot Load} {Internal/External} Whats your Opinion??

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As the time slowly approaches for me to build my HTPC, I have a question in regards to DVD drives.. My question is what drives out there is everyone using internal/external drives? Are the Slot/Tray loaders? Has anyone seen sound differences from either type?

Just wanted to get some info/opinions..


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Internal slot loader from Pioneer has 'cool' factor going for it. That is what I am using with the Pioneer speed utililty to quiet it down.

I have a Pioneer slot loader as well. I like it much better than the normal tray operated drives.
I'll throw in another vote for the Pioneer. I have that unit in my HTPC. I have a Liteon in my regular PC which is fine also and complement the two with a Sony DRX-500ULX external for burning capabilities.

I'm in the same situation in deciding which type to go with. The issue with slot loading drive is... dust, isn't it? This would not be a problem if you have a case with a door for the external bays. But then, you now have to deal with the door.
In the slot loaders there's a piece of fabric in the slot entrance, that blocks it so that dust doesn't enter.

And when inserting a disc it gets wiped off too.
I have the Pioneer DVD-117 tray drive and love it. Super Quiet! In Black.

I do have a new beige one still in the bag if you are interested. send me a PM.

Wow thanks guys, sounds like the Pio Slot loader is the way to go.. I will give it a shot!!

Thanks for all of your input!

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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