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So after a mythbuntu upgrade to 9.04, I had the problem where the DVD playback is very choppy. Pretty much it has become unwatchable. I tried some stuff, couldn't get it to work so I went to xine. xorg gets pegged upwards of 90%. Ripped movies play fine though. With xine as the player, CPU is well

So, I switched from Myth's Internal DVD player to xine, and though the DVDs play fine now the video quality with xine is terrible. I'm calling "xine -pfhq -D --no-splash dvd:/" . It plays, but it looks, soft and fuzzy. I was watching a home movie on DVD so its really noticeable with its sharp image and 30fps. Regular movies with their 24fps cadence and film grain come across better, but still with an occasional chop. But, this home movie is also ripped to the drive and it looks totally different (and better) when when you play it from Watch Videos.
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