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I'm not sure what happened but I can not play DVD's, BD or Reg. without throwing a digital protection error with WMP. I can start the movie with TMT but it is unwatchable due to stutter/choppiness.

Windows 7

Media Live board (component connection) on board graphics

Since this came out of the blue I thought it may have been a codec problem. I've installed and uninstalled shark codecs and TMT at different times and I can't seem to get past it.

My onboard graphics drivers are up to date. Component cables go from the HTPC to my Sony plasma. The monitor driver is a generic non-pnp variety. Before windows 7 I thought it was a Sony PDP driver but I can't verify or find that driver anywhere.

The only other thing I am thinking about is the power supply. Windows 7 wouldn't recognize my LG BD drive and I double checked the PS connection and it found it after that. Could a bad power supply cause this error?

Any help is much appreciated, this is driving me nuts.

thanks in advance,

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