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Hello All,

I've read through several posts but can't quite find the combination of my configuration.

I want to play my movies from my dvd library that reside on my main computer on the ps3.

They are in raw video_ts, .Vob, format split at ~1gig each. Each movie has 3 to 4 vobs. (Nothing most of you don't know)

I do NOT want to 'merge' them or convert them. I don't want to have to fire-up each vob throughout the movie.

Anyone ever used Mediaportal? I love the way it displays your movie library with the dvd case thumbs etc. I'm assuming I won't be able to do this as it hasn't been ported to linux for obvious reasons.

I am open to installing Linux on the ps3 if need be, there are so many distrubtions that I'm not sure which would meet my needs. I'd also like to be able to navigate the new os with my wireless controller after the initial setup is done. I don't want a dependancy on a keyboard or mouse.

I've read some about Tversity but not sure if it does what I want here.

I thought I would see if anyone is currently doing what I'm looking at.

Thanks in advance.
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