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DVD playback in Vista Media Centre is "zooming" in slightly. I'm not sure how to explain this exactly but here's an example. If I'm watching a DVD with subtitles on and they and are displayed near the bottom of the screen, they will get "cut off" slightly. This goes for the entire border of the picture.

Now if I play the same DVD in Media Player Classic of PowerDVD etc. there are absolutely no issues.

So far, I've tried installing different codecs to read the DVD but have had no success. I don't watch DVDs that often, (mostly .mkv files) so I didn't notice this issue until recently. I "think" the problem may have arisen back when I installed an nvidia codec and later uninstalled it. Yet, it appears that the nvidia codec is still installed. Anyways, I really hate having to watch DVDs in Media Player Classic since I have everything else set up with MyMovies in VMC.

I would love if someone could help me out.

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