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DVD Player advise needed

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We are looking for a good DVD player with following features:

* High Quality De-Interlacer

* Multi Reg, PAL/NTSC or Hackable to become so

* High Quality Component Output

* High Quality Audio Output (Will be passed to the amplifier with 5.1 or better system)

* At least 2 a/v inputs for "Pass-Trough" operation of DVB Sat Receiver and VHS Player

Is there anything like that on the market ?

Also couple of questions:

* Will a De-Interlacer also improve quality of pass trough video (The one coming from DVB Sat receiver for example) sent out to our PJ over Component cable ?

* What is to pay attention to while hooking DVB Sat receiver to the DVD player for passtrhough video ? Will a simple composite or scart hookup be enough or will we see quality loss ?

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