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DVD Player recommendation?

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first check and see if his current reciever has 5 or 6 channel inputs. if it does not then the built in decoder wouldn't serve any purpose right off the bat. also, i havent seen any players under $300 that internally decode dolby digital "AND" dts. if you/he are looking to stay in that price range i would just purchase a dvd player that passes the DD/dts signal onto to receiver that will then decode it (when he makes that upgrade). for the price i would recommend pioneer's dv-333. it rocks. great picture, great sound. its very very good.
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Thanks for the reply, Dan!

His receiver has at least 5 inputs. Maybe 6? In any case, he told me that it could take the outputs of a DVD player that decodes DD. I guess if it only had 5, there are ways to pull the LFE off of the other channels?

I think it's ok if it doesn't do DTS. So, how about a DVD player with a DD decoder only, all for under $300? I'd prefer to give him something that would work with his existing receiver, if possible.

- Dave
For quite some time I only had a DD ready receiver and as such have always had DD Decoding built into my players. I just upgraded not only my Receiver, but also the DVD player. I've had Panasonic players since the limited market release in 97 and have never had one problem. (a300, a320, rv80)

I would suggest the Panasonic RV80 player which I got from SoundCity for $315.

Slightly more than your budget, but it is the only interlaced palyer with a 54mHz DAC, the picture is stunning and it decodes DTS as well as DD.


Mark Ward

as far as the LFE channel, i would assume that you could take the output directly from the dvd player and plug that into the input on the subwoofer. i could be wrong but i dont see what the difference would be. and "doesnt have to do dts"? what are you nuts? ahahahhaa, very much JUST KIDDING. thats your call. but if the panasonic that marcus spoke of does both (i dont know much about that particular model) i would look into that one. better to have and not need than need and not have. especially at that price.
(I posted this in the DVD forum a couple of days ago, and got nuthin'. So, I'm reposting here. TIA!)

I'm sorry if this question has been asked about a zillion times before. But... I couldn't find the answer in a search, so here goes:

I'm looking for a DVD player as a gift. Want to spend around $300. The "gift-ee" currently has a receiver which lacks a Dolby Digital decoder. So, I guess I need a player with a built-in DD decoder. Does that add much to the price? He also currently only has 2 speakers, so I'm thinking he might get a better receiver with DD when he rounds out his speakers.

So, any DVD player recommendations?

Am I correct in thinking that DD is useless without more than two speakers anyway?

Should I get one with a DD decoder built-in, or spend the money on a better player in the hopes that he gets a DD capable receiver in the future?

Thanks a lot!

- Dave

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Take a look at the sony 560. It might be what your looking for. It sells for around $299.
Thanks, Guys!

I got the Panasonic. $294+$22 shipping, from Etronics.

Thanks again.

- Dave
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