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I'm really not sure how to phrase this question and so didn't know what to search for.

I have a Toshiba 3700, might be 3750 something like that.

When I turn the unit off it remembers where I was in the movie and if I turn it back on and press it plays the rest of the movie.

But, I almost never do this.

I have Netflix with 5 DVD package, great deal I might add.

So, I might watch 20 minutes of a movie with wife until she falls a sleep, then put the DVD I want to watch. She wakes up 20 minutes later, and I have to put her DVD in and continue, this is where the problems start. I have to fast forward from the beginning. We watch 10 minutes and bang she's sleeping and I want my DVD. So forth and so on. Sometimes I'm watching 3 different movies at a time. Sure would be great if it could remember the last 10 DVD's.

I also have a Sharp 9000 projector and am looking for something that is going to put out the best possible image within reason.

I've tried a HTPC a year or so ago and found it to be too loud and hard on the WAF.

Any ideas?
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