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DVD Player Title Button

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I'm trying to understand the purpose of the "Title Button" on DVD player remotes. It seems that this button doesn't always work predictably.

Is the Title Button supposed to quickly take you from one Menu Item to the next, or, does it change chapters within a single Menu Item?

Example: A given DVD's main menu may have "Play", "Scenes", "Bonus Material", etc. If I'm watching the movie (via Play), is pressing the Title Button supposed to take me directly to "Scenes" or "Bonus Material"?

If that's not correct, can a DVD be mastered so that is how it DOES work? Using authoring software (such as DVD Studio Pro, which I don't own yet), could I set it up so pressing the Title Button would instantly skip between the various "Titles" at the main menu without actually going back to the main menu?

What I'm trying to do is this... I've got the Screen Play pre-movie slides that are being discussed in the Theater Room Items & Accessories forum. I've created a slideshow with music for presentation before the main feature starts. I've already burned a test DVD with iDVD and it works great. But, for my next version, I want to also include some additional features. I want to have a Dolby Digital intro on the DVD, as well as some TechTalker Home Theater intros. My original plan was to put it all together as a single long "movie" (in iMovie HD) with chapter marks for each different item. I'd then output it to iDVD and burn the DVD. Then, when playing the Screen Play slides for my guests, if the popcorn and sodas are ready early, I could simply press "Chapter Skip" to move instantly to the next item (Dolby Digital Intro) and so on.

What I'd rather do is make separate Main Menu entries for each option. One each for "Screen Play Slides", "DD Intro", "Home Theater Intro", etc. I'd like these each to be different titles and, hopefully, multiple presses of the Title Button will skip me from one to the next quickly.

Is that how the Title Button is supposed to work (or can be made to work)?

Thanks in advance!

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Hi, Mark. I've tried to use the Title button a few times, but I didn't have good results because there's no way to know what the title numbers are on a disc! I guess if you happened to watch part of a disc you'd see the title number on the display, and if you memorized it you'd know where to go the next time.

Anyway, I think you're spot on about authoring your own discs and it should work that way. You could put the title numbers on the disc itself so you wouldn't have to remember them.

Good luck.

Thanks Doug! I'll guess I'll just have to try my idea out and see what kind of results I get. All it will cost me is some time and a couple of bucks for a DVD-R.

The Title Button is designed to bring you to the top most disc menu (this applies to when you are in the menu itself).

The Menu button bring you to the Root menu of the current title (not of the entire disc). This button will often act like a "Back" button when browsing through the menu system.

A good disc for testing this is AVIA, as it has a multi-tiered menu system.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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