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DVD player with DVI or HDMI, AND DVD-A AND SACD AND i.Link?

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As far as I know, Denon 5900 and Pioneer 59Ai are the only 2 with:

- DVI or HDMI output

- DVD-A and SACD playback

- i.Link for high-resolution audio output

Is this true? Or could you name cheaper ones than those 2?
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I don't think there is anything less expensive. However, I don't think either of these machines are yet doing a good job with both video and hi-res audio. We're getting closer, but not there yet... I am staying with my Bravo D1 for video and (regretably) a Pioneer 45A plus an Outlaw ICBM for hi-res audio. Digital multi-channel audio would be great but I can't afford the accompanying $4K receiver, especially since they don't do DVI/HDMI switching yet.
They're pricey (at least for now), but Integra Research is looking like they've got a good idea with the RDV 1.1 and they're new processor.

Although, with all the digital outputs of the player, I am wondering why they still have analogue outputs at all. I would prefer to spend the money - even a lot of it - on a transport and have the processor do all the processing. Less redundancy.

Anyway, I think by 2005 these sorts of players to be more accessible to the common folk.
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