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DVD-R media $2.95 apiece

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Free shipping over $100 I believe. Hopefully this will help the new owners of dvd burners here on the forum.
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Thanks for posting. That's certainly the cheapest I've seen it.
Glad I only bought 3 at $8 last week.

I think DVD-R prices are dropping faster than originally thought.

Their price for video recording service pretty much matches mine, though. This is going to be a hot market, I can tell.

Thanks for the source!
Has anyone tried these $2.95 DVD-R's in a Panasonic E20 yet?

I'd like to order a few but they don't even say whether these are general or authoring type DVD-R. Need to know at least that!
Don, I could be dead wrong, but I think there is a very big price diffference between DVD author and DVD general. So this has to be the cheaper of the 2 which I believe is general (I always get those 2 mixed up).
Yes, they updated their web site info and it now states that it is "general" I went ahead and ordered 10 to test out. I now have 5 from the Apple store and these 10 arriving this coming week. I may have these all used up by the end of the month so, hopefully these will work just fine. BTW- they charged me $9 shipping so the cost of the disk was really $3.85 ea.

I also discovered that Comp USA just got some DVD-R media in priced at 11.96 and 9.99. I picked up 2 of these to try as well. They also had a 4.7G DVD-RAM instock so I got one of those to play with. It is Memorex brand for 19.95. CompUSA is carying the "QUE" brand DVD writer drives now.

I would definitely be looking for your testing and reviews on these DVD-R's . I just got my Dmr-E20K from Ecost but I do not have any recording discs yet. The manual states that it will use general use/verion 2 DVD-R's. I am hoping the prices will continue to drop fast. Paul

One thing I discovered is that the E20 will not let you play with the various features unless you have a blank media in the tray. You may wish to pick up one disk to experiment with. Depending on your primary need, get a DVD-RAM and a DVD-R. I found a local source is CompUSA now for both. I also heard that Best Buy is carying them too.

I'll report my findings on these media brands I've ordered in when they arrive. If these cheap DVD-R's work fine it will be a big savings for me as I have 75 DVD's to do over the next few weeks.

I suppose I'll be giving that laser a workout. :)
Has anyone recieved theres yet? I know they said it was going to be delayed till november, but november is abou halfway over. Just wanted to know if anyone got there's.
My last comment from them said 'late November'
The pricing on these is definitely worth the wait. Last news I remember was that the French government was going to tax the sales or import of these at about $5 per coaster - to supposedly compensate the local film industry that might have its productions copied.

My dream is that one day they will sell double sided DVD-R discs. These were announced as a future product way at the beginning of the medium, and have strangely not surfaced at least before my eyes. You might say what's the difference. Well, I'd like to fill a DVD changer with 400 Laserdisc movies transfered at a high bitrate, each taking up two sides. The Kenwood 5900M flips discs and apparently reads DVD-Rs despite what the manual states, so this is a cool storage solution in my cramped apartment where LDs have invaded every nook and corner.
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Originally posted by Londo
My last comment from them said 'late November'
So anyone actually got anything from them or are they just suckering you all up collecting money?

Their website now states "Early December" for DVD-Rs and "Late December" for double sided ones. :mad:
I recieved this e-mail from them.


We are sorry for the inconvenience,

but we are still on a large back order

situation. As we try to keep up our manufacturing

with the orders.

We are looking to clear the orders by the nd of the month.

Thank you for your patience.


[email protected]

Looks like a blanked letter to me.
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Anyone heard of any update from these guys? I've ordered 34 of the DVD-R's 2 months ago!
I *JUST* (about 5 minutes ago) received my order and it appears they may have kicked me a bunch of extras for the delay, or they screwed up.. but anyway)..

haven't recorded yet, but VISUALLY they look very good, the top surface is.. ah... well, it's not matte white.. call it semi-matte silver.. don't think it's printable.. but...

recording test in 20 minutes..
Any update?
Man, this is the longest 20 minutes yet... :(
I think he forgot....
No... was just a case of bad timing... I got caught up in something and haven't gotten back to it... but will shortly (with LUCK tonight)...
Now you got me all excited about DVD-R, well?

I'd love to get a $449 burner and start making DVDs if media is cheap and dependable enough.
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