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I am looking for a DVD recorder to use with one of my small TVs. The main reason I want one is to function as a QAM tuner for the TV---I probably won't be doing much recording to DVD, although I like the idea that I would be able to do so. What would be a good choice for a DVD that would be used as a tuner for the TV?

I am considering

(1) Toshiba DR560---It isn't as expensive as some and is well rated on Amazon.

(2) Philips DVDR3545V---It's a bit more money than #1 above, but it does offer the VCR as well as DVD recorder, which might be nice to have.

I am open to ANY other suggestions. On other consideration is the fact that this TV doesn't have much in the way of line inputs---I have to admit I don't know the difference between the various options, but this TV is currently connected to an old VCR with two cables (no colors), rather than the three we use for most of our other TVs. Anyway, I would have to be able to connect whatever I get in the same manner.
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