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dvd recorders i got a head ache which one ??

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ok i own a ilo 04 for obvious reasons but otherwise is junk, i own a lite on 5006 i got after rebate for 80 bucks which i like ok . but im looking for a new recorder that i will mainly use for copying home videos form a mini dv tape camcorder. i have read must everything on all boards until i want to puke lol.

i just want a good solid recorder with great pic quality and good sound.,

must have dv in

dont need hd

stereo sound

anythign under 300 bucks

and is the lg models any good ?? best buy has black lg for 199 bucks . i like the fact the lgs actually have 8 into 2 card reader. we use dig cam alot. any thoughts ?? and i hardly ever see lg mentioned . comparable too ? i just want good pic quailty and sound so i can keep memories of the family.

help ???
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good: Pioneer, Panasonic

maybe: Toshiba, Sony, JVC

bad: noname brands

At $300 you're entering the game for one with a hard drive, which is something that really makes DVD recorders great to use. Certainly some parts of the home video you shot aren't what you want to keep. With a hard drive you can edit out those shots of your feet and ceiling as well as organize the good parts into different titles before burning to disc. Don't compromise on this. Pretty much any DVD recorder with a hard drive is a reasonable-quality machine.
If you think you've got a headache now, and you decide to buy a Panasonic, wait till you try and decipher one of their manuals! (Fine recorders otherwise, though.)
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