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DVD Recorders w/ATSC Tuner - Technical Question

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Looking for a DVD Recorder w/ATSC Tuner for OTA recording of digital channels.

So far, I've tried (more than once):

Samsung AR650 - Kept freezing up requiring unplug to reset

Panasonic - Recording would turn off if signal was temporarily lost (due to multipath). Also, could not receive most distant digital channel (which I could receive with the Samsung, my LG LST-3510 Setup box, and my Olevia 427V HDTV)

Lg - Could not receive most distant digital channel (see above)

I have seen, but not tried, the following atsc recorders:

Sylvania (KMart)






I'm tired of standing in the return lines. Therefore, I've got a technical question that maybe someone out there can answer.

Does anyone know which atsc receiver chipsets the above brands use? I assume that some of the recorders probably use the same chipsets and, therefore, it would be a waste of time to try all the various brands. Also, which manufacturers could be expected to be most current on the technology (e.g., reliability, signal reception sensitivity, multipath rejection, etc.)?
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As with most things, V1.0 products are not very polished - it doesn't matter who makes it, you'll have issues from all makers till things get sorted out. Some might be fixed with firmware, others will have to wait for hardware changes. I'd wait till some of these makers at least offer some upgrades to the firmware of existing units or till some of the most obvious issues are worked out.
Refer to this post in another thread ( http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showt...post10567488 ) for information on the next generation of recorder development (projected for 2008, I think).

The poster (dr1394) works for LSI Logic - they design and make chips that are used in some recorders.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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