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DVD Recording Media

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I Recently purchased my first DVD Recorder (Sony GX300).

My Question is this:

Is there a popular consensus on an actual brand of recording Media or will any brand of DVD +/-R and +/-RW do?
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I, too, just purchased my first DVD recorder (the Pioneer 210-S). I started with the CompUSA discs, and had a problem playing the burned discs back on my Toshiba DVD player. I've since switched to the Memorex 4x discs, and haven't had a problem yet.

I have a question, though. Does it matter which speed the discs are? If I've had luck with the Memorex 4x discs, can I assume that the 8x discs will be just as good (or better)?
Best Buy has Sony 50 packs on sale for $29 this week. That is $20 off. Cheaper than they are at Sam's.
Just read the various threads. With one exception the consensus is that Tayio Yuden (sold under the Maxell label) are considered the best. That one thread referred to the first 25 as burning fine. The next spindle had a lot of coasters. Causes could be many. Including counterfiet media.

Nothing wrong with Memorex, Ritek, Imation, Sony, TDK, Pioneer, etc. Stick with name brands (as you found out) rather then store brands. Prices are falling to around 50 cents for R and $1.20 or less for RW. Check out NewEgg.com, Supermedia store.com, etc. Best Buy, CompUSA, Office Max/Depot have sales every week.
In a DVD recorder without HDD (Hard Disk Drive) everything is writen to DVD at 1x, in real time, whatever is the write speed of the DVD discs.

Best regards.
As to Media write speed. IMHO All other media should be upward or downword compatible with burners. You obviously lose something using 2X media in a 16X burner. As always there's an exception. The -R G-ds changed the write strategy( much to the delight of the +R G-ds) of the 4X -RW media to be more compatible with 4X burners. If the media code shows that it is version 1.2 in won't work in 2X burners. I know because I have 75 Ritek -RW coasters until I put the new NEC 16X burner in my computer.
FWIW, Circuit City has 25-packs of Memorex DVD-R (or +R) on sale for $19.99, and then buy one get one free! That works out to $19.99 for 50. What a deal!
Now we're at 40 cents for name brand. Can't wait until dual layer is $2.00 or less.
I've had great results with Fuji DVD-Rs - no coasters yet (knock wood) out of 20 or so. They can be had on sale for about 50 cents also. I first tried Memorex and had at least 6 coasters out of 20. I sent them an e-mail and they replaced them but that's about 12-15 hours of re-recording and some were shows no longer available. YMMV
OK, here's an odd question. Per the Pioneer customer service department, I cannot use 8X discs in my DVD-210-S machine. I can, however, use 2X and 4X.

Any ideas why? I thought that it didn't matter how fast the disc can burn if your machine is only burning real-time (1X).

I'm confused...
pfhlad) - So am I. But I wouldn't put much stock on what a customer service person says. Maybe a tech rep. And then only if they can refer you to some article or in-house publication. Maybe they were referring to their machine and not all others. I somehow remember my Sharp saying it will burn faster media but at it's max speed. Meaning the machines max speed.

There's always exceptions. I still think the only exception is with the 4X -RW not being recognized by older burners. Not a problem with -R or + R/RW. Only -RW.

8X discs are relatively new. I'm sure there will be posts soon discussing this. If I get a good deal on some blanks I'll try the 8X as I know have a 16X burner in my computer. Will try it on my Sharp standalone with 2 to 4X speed.

What do the 8X discs say? 8X or 1-8X like CD's do.
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They just say 8X.

I'll probably call tech support again and verify. I could open a pack and try it out, but I'd hate to waste the money if it doesn't work.
You don't need to spend the money on 8x or even 4x disks when you've only got a 1x burner like the Panasonic E50. Disks with 8x-16x and above are really meant for PC burners which typically burn at four to eight times the speed of standalone recorders. The NEC 3500A I just got for my PC burns full DVDs in just over 4.5 minutes (with high quality) using this media .

I use the same media for both (PC and standalone), so I've settled on more affordable inkjet printable Prodisk 8x DVD+R media, which costs about 39 cents per disk . They also have inkjet printable 8x DVD-R media from Prodisk for the same price .

If you don't print on your media using the popular Epson R200 , then you can get 8x DVD+R media on sale from Amazon for 29 cents per DVD .
OK, here's an odd question. Per the Pioneer customer service department, I cannot use 8X discs in my DVD-210-S machine. I can, however, use 2X and 4X.

Any ideas why? I thought that it didn't matter how fast the disc can burn if your machine is only burning real-time (1X).
They were either a) clueless or b) just trying to save you money. Some customers think they'll get faster burning on their standalone writer by using 8x or higher quality media, when that isn't the case. They're limited by the 1x, 2x, or 4x (newest models) writer in their recorder.
OK, so I think the original cust service rep was clueless. I called back Toshiba technical support (actually, I called two different times just to verify the answer), and they said I can, in fact, use 2x, 4x, and 8x discs in the machine. They did say, however, that I cannot use 8X DVD-RW discs (I have to use 4X or 2X). I didn't ask why because I'm not using them, but take that for what it's worth.

So, I guess I can use the 8x discs in my machine.

Also, I didn't purchase them because I thought I would get a faster burn, I bought them because they were acutally the cheapest Memorex disc in the store ($19.99 for 25, and then buy one get one free).

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