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DVD2one Alternative for Mac OS X?

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I'm in the process of ripping all of my DVDs to hard drive for my HTPC, and am looking for ways to maximize storage efficiency. I have just been using DVDBackup for OS X to rip the DVDs, and then just leaving it alone. I know I can use DVD2one to shrink the size down, both by compression, and by removing everything extra. The only options though, are to either do the whole DVD, or to do just the movie. I want to have at least the menu, and setup options. I think the PC version has the same limitations. Is there an alternative to DVD2one that runs in Mac OS X? I want to be able to select which titles I want to keep, and which ones I don't. I also want to be able to select the languages, like DVD2one allows, and possibly even allow me to change the default language (for foreign films, with icky dubbing as the default).
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DVD2oneX also has a "Join" mode that lets you choose multiple titles. It should work for what you want to do. If your version doesn't have the "Join" option you should upgrade to v. 1.3.0.
Well, depending on what you are planning to do after you rip the DVD, you could also convert it to divX or some other compressed format.

As for DVD ripping, I found the following OSX programs that sound like they might work for you:

bbDEMUX: http://sourceforge.net/projects/macbbdemux/

OSEx: http://www.cs.buffalo.edu/~afaversa/

I don't have a DVD player in my Mac, so I can't speak from personal experience.

Good luck.
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Join mode will only let you join titles. If I only rip certain titles, then join them, I wouldn't get the menu, which is the main thing I want to do. Ripping to DivX also wouldn't let me get the menu. I think the DVD menu is title 1. In the DVD I was testing with, it wouldn't let me rip title 2. I could do 2, 3, 4, and 5.
In the join menu all of the titles show, even the menus. You just have to select them with the main feature.
The menu shows up in the list, but I can't select if. If I try to, the "start" button disables. Isn't there just some other program besides DVD2one? I'm pretty sure this program cannot do it. I have tried every possible combination of options.
As far as I know DVD2one is pretty much it. I use external hard drives for all my stuff so if my Mac won't do something I just plug the drive into one of my PC's and do it there. You have a ton of options on the PC.
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