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DVDIdle vs. AnyDVD

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Anyone have an opinion on which one of these they like better?

Any quirks you've found using either?

Post your opinion here.
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I have AnyDVD, no problems at all with it!
Did it improve the quietness of your DVD drive?

Tell us more =)
I don't know about "quietness" but it allows me to view my DVD's at 1080i and 720p with ffdshow via ATI dongle.

I don't even know it's there (it hides in the background)
I started off with DVD idle but it was flakey with TT so I ended up switching to AnyDVD. No issues with it.

DVD-Region free, the big brother of DVD idle, is supposed to be better / more stable.
AnyDVD has been very reliable in the time that I have used it (about a year).

It is transparent to applications generally, but can interfere with automatic recognition of DVDs by applications like DVD Profiler (because it edits the DVD on the fly to remove copy protection and user op limitations).

I disable it for the target drive when using DVD Profiler and adjust the drive speed when ripping vs. direct playback.
Have tried both. AnyDVD is the one.
DVD Idle is actually the big brother of DVD Region Killer...

I have used both for ages, with zero problems (using ZP4 and WMP9).
Originally posted by Anvil1972
Did it improve the quietness of your DVD drive?

Tell us more =)
C'mon you guys, you haven't addressed Anvil's question here.

I have used DVDIdle, and it CACHES the contents of the DVD such that it does not run continuously. Obviously it is dead SILENT when it is not running! From what I've read about AnyDVD (haven't used it myself) it adjusts DVD rotational speed to reduce it to its lowest spin needed or something.

DVDIdle requires a drive that runs at least 3x. My Pio 103 doesn't cut it, so it doesn't work for me. Doubt that AnyDVD would do much either?

Can we hear from someone who has used both, and comments re: drive spinning and relative quiet.

If all you want is decoding, seems like DVD43 is all you need!?
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I can't speak fo DVD idle since I was never able to get it to work as advertised. The drive slowdown of AnyDVD quiets both of my DVD drive in my living room HTPC (I also have one in the family room). Without the AnyDVD drive slowdown, they sometimes sound like lawn mowers.

One warning on the AnyDVD. Maybe they have since fixed it, but with the version that I have, AnyDVD either replaces or modifies the CDRom dll. Un-installing AnyDVD does not clean up this process, and your DVD drives will not be seen by the OS until you re-install AnyDVD.
I've used both and went with DVDIdle. It was cheaper, as I recall, and it seemed to make my system more stable. I have it cache to hard drive (you can also cache to Ram), but haven't noticed a difference in noise because my drive isn't that noisy in the first place (and it's in a cabinet with the doors typically shut, and because my hearing sucks).

My only complaint about DVDIdle is that during the free trial it pops up it's warnings at the worst times! :D
Originally posted by Karyk
My only complaint about DVDIdle is that during the free trial it pops up it's warnings at the worst times! :D

Maybe you should pay for it already! ;)

Hey, does anydvd also do the direct play thing? I love this on DVDidle. My DVDs goes right to the menu past all the nonsense.
Well, that probably did get me to pay for it before I was 100% sure I was happy with it. Fortunately, I've had no reason not to be happy since paying.

I don't remember. Does AnyDVD have a trial version?
This is useful feedback. You reminded me Karyk that DVDIdle has a "cache to RAM" feature.

Since my DVD drive is only capable of 2x reading, DVDIdle FAQ sez it's inadequate for use. Maybe I should try the RAM cache and see if it works.

Intuitively it seems that if DVDs play at 1x, then even a 2x drive ought to be able to "stay ahead" of the movie, esp. if it can write to RAM instead of disk...

Yes, AnyDVD will jump straight to the movie if you want. It is incredibly configurable.


AnyDVD does have a trial version. I believe it is 21 days.

To be brutally honest, I used the 'cracked' version for a while but liked it so much that I bought it and now consider it a 'must have' for most any HTPC.

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