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Hey everyone,

I've just rebuilt my HTPC using the following:

Abit NF7-S V2

2500+ Barton

2x256 Crucial pc3200


Seagate 160GB SATA hard drive.

AP 2496

Win XP Pro

TheaterTek DVD

My previous hard drive was a Maxtor 60GB IDE drive. I had a few movies ripped to it and copied them over to the new drive. They all worked fine on the previous drive, but now the audio skips very frequently on playback.

DVDs played from the DVD-RW drive play without any problems. I have a second computer networked to the HTPC and the movies stored on that one play just fine over the network (IDE drives).

The motherboard uses the Silicon Image 3112 SATARaid controller chip onboard. It seems like it could be a DMA issue but my understanding (from a question posted on the Abit forums) is that DMA is automatically enabled.

Though I haven't been able to verify this because in the device manager, the drive shows up as a SCSI device.

I'm using the latest nForce unified drivers from the nVidia site, I'm using the latest BIOS (verified by the Abit soft menu app). I learned that the SATA controller shares IRQ's with PCI slots 1 and 5 and removed the devices from those slots. But the problem is still happening.

I'm running out of ideas please help.

Thanks in advance,

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