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DVI Alert All of a sudden

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Here is my issue. I purchased the Tosh 52HMX84 in mid December and have been blown away with the viewing experience. I obtained an HD8300 STB from local provider (Time Warner). I have the 8300 connected via HDMI. I shut the TV off last Wednesday night, turned TV on Thursday morning and low and behold I was presented with a message of DVI Alert-Your HDTV does not support HDCP. Use component connection to watch TV.

I jumped into checking cables and connections. Nothing had changed nor was touched in the 10 hours of non-use but I guess I needed to prove it to myself. I tried rebooting the cable box, unplugging the TV. Any combination I could including using the second HDMI input. Nothing.

I called Time Warner. They dispatched a service tech who installed a new 8300 and actually furnished me with a 3 meter HDMI cable of greater thickness than the Radio Shack (I hear the groans) cable I had. Still same message. He said call the mfr. I called Toshiba and they were perplexed by the message. Their claim was I was getting the message so the HDMI could not be bad (the finger pointing starts) it must be the cable companies issue but I could call the local service comapny under warranty and get the TV checked out.

I called the cable yet again. They dispatched my favorite tech (neighbor) whom was aware of my plight. He obtained another new 8300 and had it tested at the office to verify the HDMI port was working. We installed that this time using a thicker HDMI cable I obtained from RAM Electronics. Still no luck.

I have the Toshiba service tech coming next Monday finally but would like some feedback as to what others have experienced. I'm not convinced it's the TV still but it I need to get something ruled out. Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

And yes the component connection works fine from the 8300 but I do not like the PQ.

Thanks in advance
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It sounds like a synching issue but if you have tried making sure the STB was on prior to connecting to TV and turning it on you can try the following:

With HDMI, only 1080i, 720p, and 480p widescreen modes work. 480i standard, 480i widescreen and 480p standard modes don't work and the TV will display the error mentioned above when the 8300 is powered up and attempts to use HDMI with these modes.

So what you have to do is disable 480i standard, 480i widescreen and 480p standard on the 8300 using the the setup screens that you get by holding down the info and guide buttons on the front panel. The easiest way to do this is to use component cables so that you can see all the screens for modes that don't work with HDMI.

Once the unsupported modes are disabled in the 8300, there doesn't seem to be any HDMI synchronisation problems. You can power up the 8300 or the TV in either order and the HDMI will still connect.
I had similar experiences with the Moto HD box when Comcast downloaded new software to impliment HDCP. The first version of the software required that the box be rebooted if you ever turned off the TV while the STB was still on. Later versions only required that you cycle the STB on and off several times, and now we're to the point where you can just change the channel. If your cable people are like out here, they don't have a clue what the issue is, because so few people use DVI/HDMI.

So, try a reboot and if that works, always remember to turn off the STB before the TV and hope it gets better eventually.

Also, check your local thread for your cable co in the Local Reception forum here.
I've got this same DVR from TW cable in KCMO. I have it hooked up to a Tosh 46H83 VIA DVI/HDMI adapter and i occasionally get this message. What i do is ALWAYS turn the set on first. Then the DVR. If the message shows up all i have to do is change the channel up or down one channel, the message goes away and problem solved. You also should shut them down in reverse order, DVR first then the set. This has something to do with the HDCP handshake that must occur between the two devices. Just try the set first and then the box. Sometimes i get the message before i even turn the freakin' DVR on. But i turn it on anyway, channel up or down a channel and it goes away and smooth sailing from there. Hope this works and helps you out.
OOPS!, we were typing at the same time KARYK. Basically the same advice. Glad to bump into you again! It's been a while. Since you had the same problem with a MOTO, it must be a fairly common ordeal. C-YA!
And the condition was virtually identical when they switched the boxes to the MSFT software (but at least it started with the change channel solution). BTW, on the Moto boxes, with either software, if changing the channel is the solution you get two messed up pictures, about half a screen wide each, until you channel up/down. No message about HDCP as occurred when the problem first arose.

I have just attempted your suggestion but alas this did not work either. I have spoken to a good friend of mine and he has a Toshiba 592 VCR/DVD unit with HDMI out on the DVD side. I will have the unit tomorrow and then can test the HDMI on the TV to see if the problem persists. I checked the units manual page out and the HDMI does support HDCP so if the HDMI is faulty on the TV I should receive the same message.

If not, and it works, Time Warner is going to hear from me. It does occur to me as another reply stated that the service techs and cable providers are not equipped to handle these questions. It sure can't hurt to come at them with facts though.

Thanks for the great feedback so far and by all means keep it coming.
Originally posted by kdog044
So what you have to do is disable 480i standard, 480i widescreen and 480p standard on the 8300 using the the setup screens that you get by holding down the info and guide buttons on the front panel. The easiest way to do this is to use component cables so that you can see all the screens for modes that don't work with HDMI.

Once the unsupported modes are disabled in the 8300, there doesn't seem to be any HDMI synchronisation problems. You can power up the 8300 or the TV in either order and the HDMI will still connect.
I wish this had worked for me. I was excited to think that someone finally figured out why I couldn't get my Toshiba 57H83 to work with my 8300HD DVR via a HDMI to DVI cable. But, I disabled the 480i standard, 480i widescreen and 480p standard in the setup screen and it still doesn't work.:( All I continue to get is a black screen.

Looking forward to reading (and trying) a suggestion that works.
Here's the latest. I obtained the Toshiba VCR/DVD unit model 592 from the guy at work and gave it a whirl last night. I got the Welcome screen with a DVD in the drive and then once it actually read from the DVD I got a few flickers on the screen and fianlly snow. This was connected via HDMI. I know the unit works because he has it connected to his Phillips tv at home via HDMI and it works fine. Looks like I have a bad se tof HDMI's on the set. I did try both with differing combinations of what was on first.

Thanks for the feedback again. I'll repost after the technician comes next Monday.
Service technician from local authorized service center arrived 2 hours late yesterday to assess the DVI Alert coming through the HDMI. Here is what happened. He wlaked in and walked around the back of the TV. Took note of the serial number from the back. In the meantime I removed the component cables from the back of the cable (HD8300) box so it was only connected via HDMI. I powered on the TV and then the cable box. I switched inputs to the HDMI #1 and bam there was the message. He said "the boss said to verify the problem and I have to call him for the next step". He called his "boss" and they chatted for a few minutes. At the conclusion of the chat he hung up and said that all he was there to do was verify the complaint and let the office know. According to his boss the service provider had been in contact with Toshiba already and there may be an upgrade to these TV's. They should here for certain in the next 2 days. I voiced my verbal disappointment to the lack of any action being taken prior to his arrival. It took two weeks for these folks to get here and I think from the time the tech walked in the door to again leaving was 10 minutes. He did say that I should here from his boss in the next two days as to where we will go with this next. To say the least I am steamed.

I then decided to call Toshiba customer support to try and get a bead on the alleged "upgrade". Of course I received the canned response of this is technical issue and the service provider would need to speak to Toshiba technicians. I asked if there was any way for me to connect with their tech folks to verify this potential "upgrade". I was told no, only authorized service agents could speak to the technical team. I vocalized my frustration at spending $3000 for this device and it being in partial disrepair with no one seemingly having a clue as to what was wrong. I told her I would be patient and give it a couple of days.

I'll keep you all posted if there is any truth to this "upgrade" and hopefully the final outcome.
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You could try to reset the TV.

I have the 52HMX94 and was having audio problems a while back, I ended up only having to unplug it to fix it but the first fix I did was to reset the TV.

Write down all your setttings (picture settings and what not) first because you will lose them if you do this. In the installation menu go into the system info window and choose to reset the system. It will put everything to the factory settings.

I may not have been exact on the location of this as I'm not sitting in front of the TV right now, but the menu for me is the last one on the right.

This may not work but it's worth a shot.
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Thanks for the suggestion but I tried that more than a couple of times when this lovely nightmare started.

Thanks again.
Hello All,

Here is where I am since my last update in early February. I called the supervisor of the service technician within the two days mentioned and we reviewed the issue. He was in complete agreement that the HDMI module is bad and he would order a new one that day 3/9. He said to check back with him in 5-10 business days and he should have a status on the part. He said Toshiba DLP sets are very popular and parts may be somewhat hard to come by but he would let me know.

Naturally I called at the 6 and 7 business day mark and left messages waiting for a call back. On business day eight I received a call from local service centers customer service that the part was not yet in but had been shipped by Toshiba but was overdue. I figured I'd wait a few more days and see what I heard next. Again, I made the call to the service center last Friday and spoke to the service tech supervisor. Turns out they have not received the part yet (My guess is that they never ordered it and dropped the ball alltogether). He will have his parts manger call Toshiba and find out where the part is and he'll call me back. I told him I my patience is wearing thin but I am a hostage in this process so I'll wait to hear back. A CS rep called me some 30 minutes later and the part is scheduled to be in by April 4th and they will call me the minute it arrives so they can schedule the install. I told her "great" but I'll reserve my excitement for when and if the part actually arrives.

This nightmare started on February 14th. I concede that I didn't get the local service involved for another week but this has been the worst warranty service I have ever encountered. I only hope that the part fixes the problem. I really miss the clearer picture HDMI provided. I'll keep you all posted after the part gets installed.
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Originally posted by cainman

I really miss the clearer picture HDMI provided. I'll keep you all posted after the part gets installed.
Hope they fix the HDMI problem ASAP. Curious about what 'clearer' means for DVI vs. YPbPr. If you're with NYC's TWC and get the optional tier and HDNet, it would be interesting to learn what the differences in maximum resolvable horizontal detail are with HDNet's Tuesday 8 am eastern test patterns.

Using this technique , YPbPr only, I measured 1290 lines from my NYC TWC 8300HD, only 890 lines (fuzzy images) with my former 8000HD, and 1335 lines with an RCN Cable 6208 converter. Using a CRT RPTV.


What I meant by clearer (should have been more specific) is in the standard def channels. Video noise is almost non-existent via HDMI as compared to component input. I don't believe there is any appreciable difference on the HI-Def channels (to my eyes) but admittedly it's been too long without the HDMI to give an honest assessment.

I'll be watching for the HDNet test though. Thanks for that tidbit.

The saga concludes. Last week I was supposed to get a call from the service provider on Monday to let me know the part was in. That didn't happen so I called them on Tuesday during my lunch hour. They said the part was in and they would have called me to arrange installation that day.

I took the opportunity to schedule the install for Wednesday. The tech would call me to verify Wednesday morning. I never heard from them and called at the end of Wednesday. Low and behold they did not have me scheduled. To say i was irate is an understatement.

The end all was that the technician's supervisor would be out Saturday morning to do the installation on the new HDMI module. Saturday came and the guy came to house when he said he would. Neither of us held out much hope of this would be the fix based on his experience and my reading in this forum. Amazingly he completed the install and my HDMI input is as good as it was for the first two months of ownership. He was pleased, I was ecstatic and the picture is back to its original loveliness.

Thanks to all here that provided me with additional insight or suggestions.
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It acts like the STB thinks the content is protected and therfore won't output at the higher resolution. Therfore the message.
When this happens to me, i swith to an SD channel, then back to an HD channel and the picture comes back. Have you tried this?
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