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DVI and HDMI question

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I am about to buy a Sanyo Z4 (according to the reviews on projector central) and I intend to hook it up to a PC running a DVI GC (ATI RADEON 9200SE). My question is the following:

If I set up my desktop to be 1280x720, and a regular DVI to HDMI cable, will I have any problems? I want to run the PC in the native resolution of the projector of course.

I don't see why it wouldn't work, but you never know... Has anyone had experience with this type of setup?
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The Z4 is a solid projector, as you have probably done your research and figured that out already. You should not have any problems with running a dvi - hdmi cable. As far as video is concerned dvi and hdmi will both give the same video quality.
Thanks for the reply. My question was more aimed at incomptaibilities as I've read somewhere a while back about some people having issues with a DVI GC and a PJ. I can't get a handle on any of these comments unfortunately, so I was wondering is anyone has their PC hooked up with a PJ and no problem with the setup...
Another question: Is the PJ HDCP compliant? So will I be able to play from a DVD-HD player? And do I have to have a HDCP compliant GC on my PC?

I am running a ATI 9200 to a Z3 at 1280x720. Looks great on the projector. As far as HDCP compliant, I believe by definition HDMI is HDCP compliant. As far as the ATi I don't believe it is.
Just to close the topic, My RADEON provides a good and fit signal to the PJ through DVI to HDMI cable. Perfect.

I would also add that - to my surprise - even a 848x480 resolution (so 480p) looks stunningly sharp on the PJ. Of course, 1280x720 is better, but not by the margin I would have thought !!!

Thanks all.
In order to play HD-DVD's all the hardware has to be HDCP compliant. As far as I know your RADEON has no HDCP, so you won't be able to play movies.
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