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I am having the usual issue of nothing being displayed on my TV when my HTPC comes out of S3 sleep and I am considering buying a DVI Detective N to resolve the issue after exhausting all the other possible work arounds. I hate having to spend $50 for the device but I really want the convenience of S3. I have a question that I need answered before I pull the trigger and I was hoping the great minds at avsfourm could help me out.

Here is my set up:

ATI 4560 >> Onkyo 705 >> Panasonic Plasma

I am using TMT to watch Blu Rays.

My question regards audio and the DVI Detective N. From my understanding (and I could be wrong) TMT downsamples the audio stream to multiple channel PCM and passes it through the realtek chip on the ATI vid card. At this point the audio in no longer a HDCP stream and the audio should pass through the DVI Detective to my AVR. Is this correct or do I need an DVI Detective Plus (assuming they fix the HDCP issues with it).


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