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Using Asus AGP-V7100 GeForce2 MX connecting to a Viewsonic VPD-150 (digital) and a Samsung 151S (analog) LCD monitors, and launched the DScaler 3.09 beta, processing cable signal from on board (Upmost UPT 201) tuner, I saw interference-free picture on the digital LCD. OTOH, the interference was clearly visible on the analog display.

Beware that I am NOT talking about the vertical strips interference that many had reported here. This UPT 201 uses bt878a and shows some vertical strips interference ONLY on channels between 80 and 90 (Cable service in HsinChu, Taiwan. However, the NTSC standard is the same as the US.) Because the strips were not seen when comparing and I was wowed by the results, I did not switch to channels 80-90 to look for it.

Does any one know the DVI also eliminates this vertical strips?

Sloted in the Radeon LE DDR 32MB, no DVI available but the RF interference on the analog LCD shows only when you look for it. ATI did a good job here.

Lastly, a cable signal through a 10-year old Panasonic VCR tuner was fed into the UPT 201 composite-in and compared with the onboard tuner. The picture from onboard tuner is a winner in both picture sharpness and horizontal-noise-free. The ground loop design must be good on this Upmost UPT 201.

Does any one know current VCR tuner technology beats onboard tuner? Please shed your lights.

Thank you.


* My first post!!! Though I had been with AVS Forum for more than 4 months.

* I love people here and knowledge/experiences they bring in. Can not live without now.

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