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I just built a new HTPC/gaming rig (i7 930, Crucial RealSSD 256GB, Radeon 5850, Win7) and I'm looking for some advice or options on getting video signals from the PC to my monitors.

I've got 3 NEC LCD2490wuxi displays (1920x1200, 2x DVI inputs on each) that I'd like to drive from 2 computers (a Mac Pro and the PC). Switching on the box would be preferable, but it's probably going to be easier to just change the inputs on the displays themselves. The other issue is that the PC is going in a rack that I'd rather not keep right next to my desk, so extending it is a requirement for that. the Mac Pro is attached to my desk so no need to extend that one.

In non-words, I'm looking for a solution to handle (at minimum):

either 6x DVI inputs from 2 devices (6->3)

or 3x DVI inputs extended only

1 device (3 inputs) is over the length limits for DVI, up to 50 feet

1 Input will be coming from a DVI -> Displayport active adapter (eyefinity requires this)

USB/K/M switching optional. I'm looking into another solution for that so it doesn't have to be built into the video solution.

Lowest requirements: Extend 3 DVI video runs up to 50 feet.

I've seen a few extender/switcher boxes from gefen and other brands I haven't heard of. I don't mind getting 3 individual extender boxes if needed, but that seems inefficient. I also don't mind getting something that I can grow into, if I decide to hook up a 4th display/whatnot.

Any thoughts on a good but still somewhat cost effective solution? Thanks!
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