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I'm working on a project for my church and am trying to figure out a good layout for what I'm trying to do.

I've got 3 sources:

1 camera (HDMI)

1 powerpoint computer (DVI)

1 song lyrics computer (DVI)

I need to send these to multiple locations but I need effectively 2 independent outputs.

Output 1:

2 projectors (DVI)

Output 2:

2 HDTV's in the lobby (HDMI)

1 older Standard Def TV in a nursing mom room (S-Video) this can be upgraded to an HDTV/Monitor if needed

1 projector in an overflow room (DVI) about 100 feet away from the sources

The actual screens in the outputs will be displaying the same thing but the two outputs may be displaying different sources at different times. For instance, the projectors (Output 1) will be displaying song lyrics but the TV's (Output 2) will be displaying the camera. At other times we might be showing a Powerpoint and all displays will need to show the Powerpoint computer.

Obviously since this is a church, budget is a top concern, but what would I start looking into to get this working?
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