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Hello...been a while since I posted here...

Years ago in 2004 I had Gregg Loewen come to my home and calibrate my set.

It is a Sony HS510.

He did a wonderful job and this set is running perfectly.

However, he shut off my DVI and front S-Video jacks/ports.

How can I turn those back on? I do not have HDMI with this older set and I need to free up some inputs since both of my Component Cable jacks are in use.

I would like to use my DVI so my Component Cable jack is free for the Nintendo Wii.

Also I like having the S-video jack usable for my laptop.

I also would like to use a HDMI to DVI converter cable for my new BluRay DVD player.

A detailed way of accessing on HOW to activate these jacks/posts again would be very much appreciated.

Sorry if there is another thread about this...I could not find one.

If this is a Service Menu problem can someone send me the instructions on how to access that and how to turn these ports on? (PM)

I tried emailing Gregg Loewen with no reply...

Thank you in advance...

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Hi there

Presumeably by "off" these inputs are just set to "skip" on the video selector.

On the remote control, try pressing Menu.

Choose Setup, then Video Labels

Then use Up/Down to get to the input,

use Right to begin edit mode,

use Up/Down to select new lablel or SKIP

use Left to set.


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Blue-z....You ROCK!

Thank YOU!

Man, do I feel like an IDIOT.

When I had that calibrated he did it so fast that I thought he was in the service menu.

Now my 7th in-put is back to HD (DVI Port) and now I can try a HDMI to DVI convert cable to free up one of my Component Ports!

(I have no clue if I will lose quality by doing this or not...)

Plus I have S-Video in the front jack again.

S-Video is still fine for quick showing of videos from my Laptop or Camcorder...

I know many people feel that my HS510 34" TV is obsolete but, the PQ is still very good.

I expect many more years out of this set since it is a CRT.

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Presumeably by "off" these inputs are just set to "skip" on the video selector.

That would be correct.

I have gotten no email from you Workindood.
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