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After weeks and weeks of waiting, yes that is right 6 weeks, I finally got my 4 x 1 HDTV/HDCP IR controlled DVI switcher by Gefen.

For your curiosity purposes I have provided a few pics.

It looks like Gefen has its back end “manufacturing process†(packaging/shipping) well designed, as you will see the switcher is packed very nicely. It is UPS/FEDEX proof’ed. That been said a forklift or an 18 wheeler driving over the box would most likely result in damage. :D

Take a look at the goodies.

Everything you could possibly need Gefen included it already. There is nothing like getting home and unpacking and item to find out you need a cable or batteries for the remote, etc. You get my drift. Gefen did and awesome job here. Gefen provided 4 dvi cables to connect to your sources. That is about 100$ worth of DVI cables. Gefen did not even miss the batteries for the remote. Good job!

A closer look at the switcher,

The inputs are split between two sides. One side includes inputs #1 & #2. It has an rj-45 connector that say “remoteâ€. I am hopping the rj-45 is used for externally controlling the switcher via rs-232. And it also has 5 volt power connection. Speaking of power, like many other devices the switcher came with a “wall wart†except for someone at Gefen was thinking, the wart is one of the vertical type. Meaning it won’t cover other outlets, and that my friends, is a damn good thing!

On the other side it includes input #3 & #4 plus the output to connect to your display.

On the front it has the IR receiver and 4 status led that indicate the input/source.

The actual size of the switcher is not very big. Connect four heavy dvi cables and it may prove to be difficult to place the switcher.

Luckily, I have the perfect spot for it, out of the way from harm.

From a connection point of view, there is not much to it. Just connect your dvi devices to a dvi cable and on to the switcher. Then connect your switcher to your display.

A few notes here. It doesn’t matter if your source resolution is 480p, 720p, 1080i the switcher will handle it no problems.

One thing of interest, the instructions on page one seem to indicate that the switcher is also a booster . Meaning, “it can be placed at the end of a long dvi cable to regenerate the dvi signal. This is a very interesting

Anyway, the switcher is connected and operational. The IR remote is a little weak to go through my Guilford of Maine fabric on my screen wall. But thanks to Kevin Johnson for sending me a ccf of the gefen discrete codes for my pronto and the problem is resolved.

The picture is crystal clear. No degrading at all. The IR controller works great with my pronto. Just one touch of the button and you can re-call the input on command. My pj doesn't wigout or loose sync. the picture is rock solid between the switcher and my projector. It is the best damn thing since slice bread.

Now my wife can operate the theater via pronto without any help. I have peace again; for a little while anyway.

here is the link to gefen http://www.gefen.com/kvm/product.jsp?prod_id=1990
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