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I bought a sp 5000 projector a while back on impulse buy and didn't use it much. It was tough to find a clear wall in the living room and a good place to point from. So I decided maybe I should try it on my pc where I do have some extra wall space and wow I am amazed.

My video card is a radeon 9800. I have a dvi to component adapter on my video card. The picture quality is very good. I had the dvi to component adapter before I bought my projector so thats why I didn't get a dvi cable in the first place.

I was wondering if I would notice much of a difference with a regular dvi cable?

I also had to shut off over scan on my projector for the windows start bar to show up. Is it normal to have to do this?

I wonder why everyone hasn't started to use a large display for their computer.
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